Looker Consulting Partner


Building better data experiences

Design seamless customer experiences using your business data with Looker and MediaAgility

  • Get real-time relevant reports and dashboards for in-depth analysis
  • Infuse accurate data throughout the organization for integrated insights 
  • Supercharge data-driven workflows with near-real time data 
  • Build apps tailored for teams within your organizations to meet specific need of each user

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    What’s inside the eBook?

    This eBook contains information on how MediaAgility, as a Looker credentialled consulting partner, helps businesses build data experiences that increase revenue, give real-time insights to make faster decisions, and empower you to secure a competitive advantage.

    Data Experience eBook

    Explore how MediaAgility, helps add context to your data with integrated insights

    Modern BI & Analytics

    Modern BI & analytics

    Serve up real-time, reports and dashboards that inspire and enable in-depth analysis


    Integrated insights

    Infuse relevant data into people’s existing tools like Slack, Airtable, Salesforce, Marketo, and many more

    Unique features

    Data-driven workflows

    Take logical next-steps based on data in Looker – change a bid, ship an order, test a customer, etc.


    Customized applications

    Build the exact experience customers need to make use of your company’s data as valuable information

    Avail free technical consultancy workshop