Cloud Foundation

Move to a secure, scalable, and optimized cloud foundation

Accelerate your business workflow and respond to challenges rapidly while optimizing costs with Google Cloud.

Build a solid cloud foundation in an efficient, smooth, and secure manner. Our team of cloud experts will assist you in creating a resilient platform on the cloud through a strong architecture that is automated and secure agility.

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Reduce the time spent per project and improve delivery quality

Google Genomics

Ease of implementation

Quickly migrate to cloud with all your data hassle-free

Cost Saving

Reduce operational costs

Move past the aging, costly data center hardware

Primary and secondary sequencing

Decrease time-to-market

Reduce build time, scale rapidly, deliver products quickly

Genome Data

Increase process efficiency

Flexible and scalable cloud to increase efficiency and optimize costs

Build your cloud foundation with us for improved productivity and efficiency today

Cloud Architecture

Build secure, flexible and cost-effective cloud architecture

Cloud Security

Ensure data security with a specially designed cloud security system

Cloud Automation

Automate and control your network setup using software-defined networking (SDN)

Client Success Story

Minyanville Media’s Buzz and Banter App Move to Google Cloud for Better Reliability and Automatic Demand-Based Scaling

The company migrated to a more scalable, highly efficient platform – Google Cloud – to get a more flexible and deeper set of features. They were able to reduce costs, enhance customer experiences, and serve longtime customers as best as possible.


Reliable infrastructure


Low operating cost

Quick Insights

High performance


Accessible to global users


Meet Our Cloud Foundation Experts


Nirdesh Chahal

He takes businesses through their Cloud journeys to witness true technology transformation.


José Luis González

A technologist specializing in cloud architecture and strategy to help businesses benefit from leveraging the Cloud.

Ready to create a secure, scalable and optimized foundation on the cloud?

Cloud Automation

Minimize security risks and errors while deploying your cloud workloads with cloud automation. It also allows you to automatically import configuration scripts and monitor and make updates to machine configurations across the cloud.


We offer

Enhance data and app security on Google Cloud

Tools to manage cloud automation securely


Infrastructure provisioning automation with minimal/no manual intervention


Automation of deployments for easy and quick transition to cloud


Assessment of risks associated with automating the cloud

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Cloud Security

Securely manage encryption keys for overall security and regulatory posture with cloud security. It also helps protect workloads that store or process sensitive customer data or internal business information. Track and monitor potential security risks across your entire organization.


We offer

Enhance data and app security on Google Cloud

Cloud computing strategy with a sound security approach

Tracking incidents and collecting data that can improve security

Tracking incidents and collecting data that can improve security


Cloud Security Assessment for insights into your current cloud adoption


Customized risk management approaches to counter threats

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Cloud Architecture

Cloud architecture services help you get a business ready plan, integrating cloud strategy and infrastructure. The plan helps you innovate speedily by leveraging Machine Learning and AI, and opens avenues for everyone to access data and digital tools.


We offer

Make informed and impactful decisions

Cloud technology strategy and roadmap to increase innovation

Drive business

Google Cloud Foundation Toolkit for reference templates


Management framework and tools for business handling

Cloud IT Transformation

Designing of private cloud and processes for personalized preferences

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