Genomic Workflow Management

Run faster and efficient genome sequencing experiments on Google Cloud-powered lab management solution

Faster primary and secondary DNA sequencing creates time for experiment design and analytics.

But, running your genome sequencing jobs on a non-scalable and limiting on-prem or cloud infrastructure needs long processing hours. Additionally, it might lead to delayed experiment timelines, storage limitations, and repeated manual interventions by your clinical staff. Our credentialled digital engineering experts orchestrate modern, scalable, secure, hybrid ecosystems to achieve speed and near real-time experiment visibility.

Genome sequencing

Implement a custom genomic workflow monitoring and orchestration solution on Google Cloud

Get unlimited genomic data storage, automated reporting and insights, and compliance in addition to,

Genome Data

Massive scale

Scale your daily genome data experiment runs by 6X and more

Long Tail Visibility

Long tail visibility

Give your lab managers and researchers near real-time sequencing experiment updates

Primary and secondary sequencing

Shorter timelines

Accelerate your clinical trials with high-speed primary and secondary sequencing

Cloud IT Transformation

Hybrid ecosystems

The Google Cloud solution can also smoothly blend in and enhance your current on-prem or cloud environment

Cost Saving

Cost savings

One of our clients saved over 30% of their costs by taking their experiment runs to Google Cloud

Google Genomics

Custom, evolving solution

Refine the solution further by plugging in Google Genomics and other APIs as needed

Track your sequencing jobs on a custom, cloud-based, scalable, cost-effective, and secure lab management solution

Re-design your critical genome workflow processes and pipelines by simplifying, modernizing, and optimizing your infrastructure.

Assessment and planning

We identify the improvement areas and plan solutions for real-time experiment tracking and lab management

Engineering and data pipeline

We build scalable, compute-based data and engineering pipelines based on the GATK standard guidelines

ML model training

We work on improving the data processes through model training and also productionize new models

Monitoring and reporting

We monitor and optimize the application workflow, and data availability and accessibility for efficient reporting

Client Success Story

MediaAgility helps YouGenomics build robust genome sequencing pipelines with virtually unlimited scale

YouGenomics realized that it is not feasible for each lab or research facility to build their own compute infrastructure. Hence, they worked with MediaAgility to build their computational backbone on cloud.

Advanced ML Model

Automated analysis of next-generation sequencing data

Cloud platform

No staff needed to manage the cloud platform

time - Copy

Reduced turnaround time


Savings on heavy investment


Custom Cloud Migration Journey: a Quick Guide

Decode the approach, characteristics, and steps to migrate to a custom Cloud that performs your tough infrastructure jobs in the background without impeding any of your core work in the foreground.

Meet our experts


Asheesh Sharma

With over two decades of tech experience, he enjoys undertaking complex data warehousing, analytics, and application integration solutioning.


Nitin Kumar

Backed by his decade of experience in the Life Sciences domain, he develops web apps and designs cloud architecture for healthcare and life sciences companies.

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