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Is your team working remotely? Cost-effectively adopt more efficient, connected work with Google Workspace.

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    Google Workspace

    Work transformation is needed across all levels of your organization

    Businesses need work tools that foster collaboration, communication, flexibility, and productivity, and bring a positive impact across all infrastructure layers. Hence, we are committed to enabling work transformation for you with Google Workspace.

    Workplace transformation

    Why should Google Workspace be your first step to provide efficient work tools to employees?

    Google Workspace lets you accomplish meaningful work together – flexibly and quickly.

    Automate tasks

    Google Workspace uses artificial intelligence to automate repetitive tasks – scheduling, searching, organizing – that get in the way of real work.

    Data-driven decisions

    Google Workspace empowers every employee to do their best work with actionable insights that help them make better decisions.

    Everything in one place

    Google Workspace helps users complete tasks directly from their inbox without interrupting the workflow with tools like Google Calendar, Tasks, and more.

    G suite products

    Real-time collaboration

    Google Workspace is built for the browser, platform agnostic, and intuitive to use, thus enabling easy collaboration. Files are the new collaborative workspaces.

    Work faster together

    Work together to solve problems and complete tasks, quickly.

    Everyone on the same page 

    With Google Workspace, remote teams work just as well as if they were face to face. A consistent and accessible experience across web, mobile, and conference rooms ensures all attendees can participate and contribute.

    Right people for right document

    Google Workspace’s granular permission and access settings ensure that the right people – even outside your organization – have access to the right documents, hence reducing the risk of unintentional data leaks and attacks.

    Find company information faster

    With Google Cloud Search, you can use the same technology that Google uses to find information. Admins can also connect Google Cloud Search to other enterprise apps to surface all relevant information.

    Collective workforce

    With Google+, employees can harness their collective wisdom by sharing projects and ideas, crowdsourcing feedback, discussing common interests, and surfacing cross-team issues.

    Reduce duplicate work 

    Google Workspace reduces redundancy and duplication of work by providing visibility into what the team members are working on.

    Streamline account management

    Google Workspace streamlines authentication, asset protection, and operational control in one easy-to-use console. Admins can add users, reset passwords, view audit logs, and more in this console.

    Advanced controls & capabilities

    Google Workspace centralizes device and identity management, so that admins maintain full visibility and reduce reliance on 3rd-party services.

    Automate security decisions

    Google Workspace helps you automate security decision making. It intelligently surfaces the highest priority security concerns without sending you countless notifications.

    Seamless migration

    Google’s AppBridge provides a seamless, enterprise-grade migration experience for customers moving data to Google Workspace. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, you can automatically scale across distributed hardware for unprecedented speed, security, and performance.

    Everything you need to change how your teams work remotely

    Productivity, communication, collaboration tools built on cloud for secure, AI-driven, easy work transformation.

    Google collaborate


    Email, calling, chat & video conferencing –

    all in one place

    Calendar & Task to manage your time effectively

    Google collaboration tools


    Create & collaborate in real time in

    docs, spreadsheets & slides

    Manage content, store data, & find what you need

    Google drive workspace


    Secure users & data

    Manage identity & access

    Meet compliance & regulatory standards

    Practice the art of continuous innovation with Google Workspace & MediaAgility

    • Find innovation opportunities for your remote teams and critical projects
    • Maximize impact of investment with benefit assessment and project prioritization
    • Drive sustained innovation with ongoing initiative advocacy

    Video Credits: Google Workspace

    Video Credits: Google Workspace

    Hear what other businesses have to say


    “Gmail has directly contributed to shortening our product development cycles. At the same time, our employees appreciate the flexibility they have to drive projects forward from anywhere, anytime.”

    Andy Nallappan, Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Global Information Technology, Broadcom

    “MediaAgility has been a great partner, they helped migrate 1200+ people in distributed locations across the country and have gone far and beyond to make sure we succeeded in our goal to avoid any downtime and loss of emails“

    Ajay Poddar, VP Engineering at


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