Augment your work on Microsoft 365 with Google’s cloud tools

A live hands-on webinar series that demonstrates how Google tools can glide smoothly over your existing Microsoft 365 environment and strengthen teamwork.

One of the biggest dilemmas for business leaders is how to adopt new, better tools that boost teamwork without disrupting day-to-day activities. This hands-on webinar series will help you understand through multiple realtime use cases where Google tools complement Microsoft 365 environment to boost collaboration and thereby enabling your workspace transformation.

Google Workspace Meeting

“Our team of 600 transitioned to work from home relatively seamlessly, relying heavily on the collaborative features of Google Sheets for tracking team activities and Meet for our daily team calls.”

Reliance Health Services

“Cambridge Health Alliance has transformed how our staff and caregivers work, providing collaborative tools to better patient care.”

Cambridge Health Alliance

Witness how Google tools integrate with Microsoft 365 for you to do your best work

Week 1, September 29, 2020

Give a spin to your team meetings and productivity

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    Get work done - faster, together

    Build centralized customer NPS, employee feedback, and sales reports

    Record critical business meetings and training sessions for future reference

    Say no to attachments and enhance security with restricted access to documents

    Crunch data with Machine Learning

    Week 2, October 6, 2020

    Connect better with vendors, agencies, and employees

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      Build no-code development portals

      Unlock collaboration with your remote vendors and agencies

      Publish your marketing collaterals as a central repository

      Keep employees updated with an information hub

      Week 3, October 13, 2020

      Automate processes and workflows to reduce busy work

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        Automate business processes

        Set up an approval workflow for your service team

        Automate purchase requisitions requests, with built-in approvals

        Week 4, October 20, 2020

        Keep working without compromising on security

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          Move away from traditional VPNs with Beyond Corp

          Secure your corporate devices and accounts with IP, device, location context-based access

          BYOD and Windows 10 management with device management, login, wifi authentication

          Gain high availability on the cloud with secure LDAP and SSO

          Webinar series presented by our work transformation expert


          Ajay Yadav         

          Google Cloud certified Collaboration Engineer and Google Cloud certified in Google Workspace

          Ajay is our human encyclopedia of all things Google Cloud and Google tools for work. He and his team have prepared over 100+ businesses for the modern workspace with the best-in-class, cloud-based, smart Google tools.

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