Modernize infrastructure, applications and databases

The journey towards agile business transformation starts with building and upgrading legacy infrastructure on the cloud.

MediaAgility and Google Cloud offer end-to-end solutions to modify existing applications. The flexibility, performance, security, and cost-effectiveness of the solution helps automate operations, thus increasing overall efficiency. As your digital consulting partner, we equip your IT teams with Google’s reliable infrastructure to modernize your business and help you deliver value to your end customers rapidly.


An effective, resilient IT ecosystem built for you

Move past the aging

Move past the aging, costly data center hardware

develop and modernize apps faster

Experiment, fail fast, learn, develop and modernize apps faster

Cloud IT Transformation

Build cloud-native apps for agility and cost savings

Enhance data and app security on Google Cloud

Enhance the security of data and apps on Google Cloud

Begin your infrastructure modernization journey today

Modernize legacy applications

Revive your aging apps for business agility and resource optimization.

Cloud Infrastructure setup

Build secure, flexible and cost-effective cloud architecture and infrastructure setup.

Upgrade from on-prem, legacy systems

Modernize processes, increase resource efficiency, and achieve scale.

Manage Hybrid Cloud apps

Run your applications consistently and frictionlessly across multiple environments.

Modernize data warehouse

Make your data more accessible and available on a Google Cloud-based warehouse.

Migrate from AWS to Google Cloud

Reap Google Cloud’s enterprise-grade security and cost benefits.

API and application modernization for BFSI

Efficient API management with Apigee and robust cloud-native apps on Google Cloud

Client Success Story

IDfy find unrivaled reliability and control on Google Cloud Platform with MediaAgility

They migrated to an infrastructure that freed them from the frequent and time-taking infrastructure changes and gave them the control to interact with and modify their systems as required.


1 M accounts processed daily

detect fraud

Easier to detect fraud


Easier to add new features

Make changes

Make changes anytime with automated CI pipeline

My cotra

Custom Cloud Migration Journey: A Quick Guide

Decode the approach, characteristics, and steps to migrate to a custom Cloud that performs your tough infrastructure jobs in the background without impeding any of your core work in the foreground.

Meet Your Transformation Partners


Kamal Puri

With 15+ years of experience, he now helps businesses in their journey to Cloud, Data, and AI.


Nirdesh Chahal

He takes businesses through their Cloud journeys to witness true technology transformation.


Manish Mudgal

10+ years of experience in helping businesses optimize productivity and minimize overheads.

Modernize your applications and infrastructure with Google Cloud today!

Google cloud architecture and infrastructure setup

Build secure, flexible and cost-effective cloud architecture and infrastructure setup aligning with your business objectives and goals. Align infrastructure design with your workload migration or cloud-native application development initiatives.


We offer


Cloud architecture, design, infrastructure setup, network design


Security policies, Security setup, App / Data / Access security guidelines

Advanced ML Models

VM-to-VM / VM-to-containerization migration


Cloud Governance, Benchmarks and KPIs

Leading B2B marketplace sustainably scale their platform’s availability and speed with Google Cloud

Technical infrastructure support

Smoothly run and optimize your infra and app ecosystem with context-aware, 24x7 lights-on support. Achieve continuous improvements with efficient issue resolution and improved operational efficiency.

We offer


Workload optimization best practices and guidelines


Automation & IaC scripts, and engineering guidelines


Opinionated network design standards and templates


Billing optimization and security best practices

MediaAgility offers technical support to a leading B2B marketplace who moved to Google Cloud.

Manage Hybrid Cloud applications

We support your business’ decisions to run across environments with tools that ensure environment parity between Cloud and your data centers so that you deliver seamless, consistent app experiences.

We offer


Strategy, assessment, architecture, and planning

Advanced ML Models

App migration, deployment, and management


Anthos, GKE, Apigee, and Stackdriver services


IaC, DevOps, and engineering services

Read how MediaAgility helped a travel & hospitality tech provider use GKE for product engineering.

Upgrade from on-prem, legacy systems

Jumpstart your journey to Cloud with the scalable, reliable, and compatible Google Cloud. We are committed to aligning your business with the best of Cloud without compromising on security, data integrity, or system availability.

We offer


Guidelines for assessment and migration strategy

Advanced ML Models

Architecture design, plan, and estimation models


Migration playbook and POD-based execution


Containerization and Anthos best practices

Watch how Eshopbox improves customer experiences with MediaAgility.