Media, Entertainment, and Broadcasters

We enable businesses with Google Cloud and AI/ML technologies to significantly enhance their audience experience and find new revenue opportunities by monetizing content archives for all the media-rich organizations and going above and beyond their expectations in a cost-effective way.

Media & Entertainment Solution Pillars

We aim to bring real, tangible impact on how media and entertainment businesses create, process, customize, and deliver content to their audience while monetizing archived content.

Transformed media workplace

Re-imagine the way you collaborate to enhance your quality and production pipeline. Work on Google Workspace’s video conferencing and chat platform and add security to your invaluable media assets. Leverage the power of AI and Analytics to perform quality talent search effectively, conduct casting and auditioning more efficiently, and predict payments on your content

Accelerated content creation

Apply AI/ML to accelerate new content creation and re-optimize old archives. Perform process optimizing activities using language generation, NLP, intelligent overlays, promo creation, computer vision, sports highlights, etc. Review your content before making it live — identify fake news and create content that is compliant with various regulatory bodies and localized for a targeted audience

Automated content processing

Eliminate manual processing work to understand your content faster and streamline your editorial workflows. Create content pipelines & editorial workflows more efficiently with MediaAgility’s AI/ML capabilities. Perform intelligent content search and produce SEO-friendly content with metadata, subtitles, and annotations. Classify your content with facial recognition & content identification tools

consumer insights

Delight your audience with tailored AI/ML-based media recommendations. Store your data in a data warehouse under Google Cloud’s highest levels of security. Generate targeted insights with advanced and streaming analytics. Perform sentiment analysis to create enhanced content and leverage social media and predictive intelligence to time your content effectively

Optimized content delivery

Improve digital experience with near-user infrastructure and cache. Develop chatbots and cast comment moderation as you publish AI-based visual representations of your content. Perform demand forecasting, program scheduling, and UX personalization by leveraging MediaAgility’s AI/ML capabilities

Efficient content monetization

Reimagine content monetization with pricing and licensing strategies for the digital economy. Leverage our ad features and integrations with leading ad servers to deliver your content to targeted audiences. Develop targeted content, leverage APIs to monetize your content archives, and enhance your monetization efforts with AI-driven ad placement

Transform Your Content Processing Workflow With AI-Based Automation

Generate and manage metadata

Add subtitles

Facilitate content recommendation

Implement monetization strategies

Discover content and detect actions

Define content generation workflows

Segments We Serve

Cost and operational efficiency are our focus areas across all the sub-industries we serve

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Our Experts


Chuck Williams

Chuck is an expert at enabling clients to visualize the possibilities of leveraging public cloud and identify and develop opportunities.


Arpit Agrawal

For more than a decade, Arpit has been helping businesses make better decisions by enlightening them with the untapped powers of cloud, data, and AI


Aniket Goel

Aniket is seasoned in converting data into business insights, implementing application transformation projects and data migrations with the help of AI and ML.

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