MediaAgility Achieves Cloud Migration Partner Specialization

MediaAgility Achieves Cloud Migration Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

[Nov 1, 2021] Princeton, NJ: MediaAgility, an innovative provider of solutions in the global cloud computing market, announced that it has achieved Cloud Migration Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. By earning Cloud Migration Partner Specialization, MediaAgility has demonstrated its expertise in building Cloud Migration solutions for clients using Google Cloud technology.

Specializations in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program are designed to provide Google Cloud customers with qualified partners who have demonstrated significant technical proficiency in foundational architecting, building, and migrating customer infrastructure and workflows from either on-premises or other cloud providers to Google Cloud Platform.

MediaAgility evaluates current cloud migration through deep industry expertise, established migration methodologies, and applies repeatable assets, and proven successful migration processes, cloud-certified agile teams, following a cost-effective approach for clients, providing a responsive high-quality experience, and working towards an overall increase in client satisfaction. As a result of combining their migration implementation experience for clients globally, MediaAgility has built a comprehensive roadmap for securing Google Cloud migration, besides reducing associated costs and time.

Being an ISO 27001 company, MediaAgility considers security as its top priority. And so, all certified engineers creating migration solutions ensure to follow a standard security protocol to ensure that their customers aren’t at risk.

Cloud Migration is usually the first step in the cloud journey for a customer and partnering with MediaAgility enables them to charter a continuous modernization roadmap beyond just lift and shift. Their end-to-end digital transformation methodology sets up concrete steps for the migration plan aligning with the business needs and goals of the customer. After all, customers should focus on business and not disrupt everything for the sake of impending migration.

The key aspects of the planning are a discovery workshop to understand the customer’s current architecture, scope and constraints, and educate them on best practices around asset and configuration management, security, devops and much more in light of the constraints and compliances. Thereafter apply reusable components for smooth and fast paced migration.

MediaAgility’s LandSafe methodology ensures smooth end-to-end transition from customer’s on-premises/cloud hosted infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform and subsequently to the well-organized Managed Service Practice.

As a public cloud IT transformation expert, MediaAgility uses foundational cloud migration tools that include:

  • Velostrata to migrate applications from on-prem to Google Cloud
  • Cloud Interconnect set up to secure the connections
  • Cloud Foundation to build an IaaS ecosystem on top of native services offered by Google Cloud
  • Cloud Monitoring to provide better resource monitoring at a lower cost compared to their previous implementation
  • Migrate for Compute Engine to migrate applications from on-prem/AWS to GCP
  • Cloud VPN to secure the connections
  • Cloud Monitoring to provide better resource monitoring at a low cost
  • Cloud Storage for massively parallel object storage for Flume pipelines

“MediaAgility’s Google Cloud Migration Partner Specialization validates our commitment to enable our clients to stay competitive by maximizing cloud performance, cloud foundation, agility, and cost optimization. Cloud Migration Partner Specialization is our 7th Google Cloud Partner Specialization after Data Analytics, Location Based Services, Application Development, Machine Learning, Marketing Analytics, and Infrastructure Specializations,” says Rajesh Abhyankar, CEO and Co-Founder, MediaAgility Inc.

“Our company has grown exponentially, and we have never been stronger and are committed to delivering exceptional services to our clients. The last quarter turned out to be quite eventful for us after we were named a Niche Player in the 2021 Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services and became a repeat honoree in the INC. 5000 list. In addition, I would like to thank the Google Cloud partnership for its support,” he further adds.

“In the global markets, we are experiencing high demand for cloud migration and modernization, as it remains complex, and most businesses require smooth migration, cost-savings, less disruption and an increase in overall productivity simultaneously,” said Nirdesh Chahal, Head of Cloud Engineering Services , MediaAgility.

“It’s exciting to see how MediaAgility Inc. is leveraging its investment in Google Cloud to differentiate its business and bring thoughtful solutions to the market. Specialization signals to customers and sales teams that partners bring a deeper level of commitment and an unrivaled set of skills to the market,said Carolee Gearhart, Global Channel Chief and Vice President of Global SMB Sales.

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